Are Quaker Rice Crisps Healthy?

Are you a fan of Quaker Rice Crisps and wondering if they are healthy? You’re not alone. Many health-conscious individuals are asking the same question. In this article, we will delve into the ingredients, nutritional value, and more to find the answer.

Let’s get down to business.

Ingredient Analysis 

Quaker rice crisps come in various flavors – cheddar, sour cream and onion, buttermilk ranch, kettle corn, chocolate, sweet and spicy chili, and lots more. Each flavor comes with its unique set of ingredients, but lets analyze the major ingredients.

Quaker rice crisps have the following: 

  • Whole grain brown rice flour: A good source of fiber, but the quantity in the crisps is unknown.
  • Corn grits: While corn is a whole grain, it’s also high in carbs.
  • Vegetable oil (canola oil and/or sunflower oil): These oils are high in unsaturated fats, which are healthier than saturated fats.
  • Sugar: Consumed in excess, sugar can lead to health problems like obesity and heart disease.
  • Salt: Too much salt can lead to high blood pressure and other health issues.
  • corn maltodextrin
  • fructose
  • dried soy sauce (soybeansalt)
  • hydrolyzed corn and soy protein
  • vinegar solids
  • onion powder, garlic powder
  • spices and natural flavor
  • paprika extract (color), yeast extracttocopherols (to preserve freshness)
quaker rice crisps
S. No.CriteriaQuaker Rice Crisps
1.Whole ingredientsYes
2.Artificial ingredientsYes
3.Level of ProcessingHigh
4.Harmful ingredientsNo
5.Carbs to Fibre Ratio(20/1)

Nutritional Info Analysis:

This product contains polyunsaturated and monosaturated fats but has no trans fat. It has calcium, iron, and potassium. However, the sugar and salt content could be a concern for some.

We shall now investigate the nutritional value of Quaker Rice Crisps

S. No.HeadNutritional Facts per Serving (16 pieces)
2.Fat4.5 g
3.Sodium250 mg
4.Carbohydrate20 g
5.Dietary Fibre1 g

Who can Eat this?

Based on the above-detailed analysis, we can easily conclude for whom this product is suitable.

S. No.Suitable forQuaker Rice Crisps
2.DiabetesNot recommended- Has Sugar ( Consult Doctor )

Pros and Cons: Are Quaker Rice Crisps a Healthy Choice?

Before concluding, let’s review the pros and cons of Quaker Rice Crisps to understand if they are healthy.

Contains potassium, calcium, protein, and iron.May contain refined oils.
Zero cholesterol.Not very filling, which could lead to overeating.
Not Organic
Moderate levels of sugar.
Artificial Ingredients and Highly Processed

Healthier Alternative

If you’re looking for a healthier snack alternative, why not try these organic brown rice cakes available on Amazon? They’re made with whole grains and have no sugar/artificial ingredients, making them a nutritious choice for snack time.

Lundberg Thin Stackers

  • Only 7 Ingredients : Organic Brown Rice, Marjoram, Basil, Origano, Thyme , Sage
  • No Artificial Additives
  • No Sugar
  • Low Calories

Verdict: Are Quaker Rice Crisps Healthy?

Quaker Rice Crisps are not a healthy snack as they are highly processed and have refined oil, but they can be when consumed in moderation. However, make sure that you don’t consume it in excess as it can result in a blood sugar spike, so eat it occasionally.


1. Is it OK to eat crisps every day?

No, eating Quaker rice crisps daily is not OK, as it can hurt your health. Instead, eat fresh fruits and vegetables and avoid packaged snacks as much as possible.

2. Are rice crisps healthy for weight loss?

Although they are low in calories and contain no cholesterol, they can be eaten as a snack during your weight loss journey. However, it will not help you in losing weight. So, it is best to eat the crisps in a limit.

3. Are crisps junk food?

Most crisps are unhealthy and can be labeled as junk. However, Quaker Rice Crisps are not harmful and better than other crisps.

If you’re curious about the health benefits of rice-based snacks, you might also be interested in whether rice cakes with peanut butter are a healthy choice.

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