Are Mott’s Fruit Snacks Healthy?

Are you a fan of Mott’s Fruit Snacks and wondering if they are healthy? You’re not alone. Many health-conscious individuals are asking the same question. In this article, we will dive into the ingredients, nutritional value, and more to find the answer.

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Mott’s® Fruit Flavored Snacks – Assorted Fruit

Ingredient Analysis 

Mott’s Assorted Fruit consists of the following: 

Good IngredientsBad Ingredients ( Less than 2% )
Pear Juice Concentrate , Apple Juice Concentrate , Sweet Potato Juice Concentrate, Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) and Fruit PectinCorn Syrup, Sugar, Modified Corn Starch, Sodium Citrate, Malic Acid, Vegetable and Fruit Juice Added for Color, Sunflower Oil, Natural Flavor, Carnauba Wax
Mott’s® Fruit Flavored Snacks – Assorted Fruit (with fiber)
S. No.CriteriaMott’s® Fruit Flavored Snacks – Assorted Fruit(with fiber)Mott’s® Fruit Flavored Snacks – Assorted Fruit
1.Whole ingredientsYesYes
2.Artificial ingredientsYesYes
3.Level of ProcessingHighHigh
4.Harmful ingredientsNoNo
5.Carbs to Fibre Ratio(6.3/1)
6.Glycemic indexLow Low

Nutritional Info Analysis:

We shall now investigate the nutritional value of Mott’s Fruit Snacks. They are low calorie, Low fat and also provide 60% of the daily value of Vitamin C. The nutritional value looks pretty good in comparison to other snacks, the only thing to watch out for is the high sugar content.

S. No.HeadNutritional Facts per Serving (1 Pouch=10 count of 22.6 g)(With Fibre)Nutritional Facts per Serving (1 Pouch=10 count of 22.6 g)
2.Fat0 g0 g
3.Sodium30 mg30 mg
4.Carbohydrate19 g19 g
5.Dietary Fibre3 g

As you can see, this is a perfect snack as one pouch comes with only 70 calories and 80 calories, respectively. 

Product Suitability:

Based on the above-detailed analysis, we can easily conclude for whom this product is suitable.

S. No.Suitable forMott’s® Fruit Flavored Snacks – Assorted Fruit(with fiber)Mott’s® Fruit Flavored Snacks – Assorted Fruit
4.PBWF DietYesYes

Pros & Cons

Before concluding, let’s review the pros and cons of Mott’s® Fruit Flavored Snacks to understand if they are healthy.

Contains Vitamin C High in sugar
Zero fat and cholesterolContains artificial colors and flavors
They are expensive.
Highly Processed

Verdict: Are Mott’s Fruit Snacks Healthy?

Mott’s Fruit Snacks are not healthy but compared to other snacks they are a decent option if eaten in moderation. You do not have to worry about calories, and the good part is that they use real fruits, no MSG, etc.  . But, their high sugar content and the presence of artificial colors and flavors make unsuitable for consumption in higher quantities. They can be enjoyed occasionally, but should not replace whole, nutritious foods.

Healthier alternatives to Mott’s Fruit Snacks

There are healthier alternatives to Mott’s Fruit Snacks. Look for snacks that are low in sugar, free from artificial colors and flavors, and made with whole, natural ingredients.

Here are two alternatives that are great according to our analysis

1. Brothers All Natural Fruit Crisps

  • Only 1 Ingredient
  • No Added Sugar
  • No Preservatives
  • Extremely Low Calorie, Fat Free, Non-GMO

2. Mama’s Chia Organic Prebiotic Squeeze

  • Prebiotic & Fiber Rich
  • Very Low added Sugar
  • Organic
  • Low Fat Percentage


1. Is there a lot of sugar in Mott’s Fruit Snacks?

Yes, Mott’s Fruit Snacks contain a significant amount of sugar. According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), these snacks are 39% sugar by weight and contain 2 teaspoons of added and natural sugar per serving.

2. Are Mott’s Fruit Snacks suitable for a vegan diet?

Yes, Mott’s Fruit Snacks are suitable for a vegan diet as they do not contain any animal-derived ingredients.

3. What are the different packs available by Mott’s?

Here are the different packs available:

  • 10-count
  • 22-count value pack
  • 22-count variety pack
  • 40-count
  • 90-count

4. Is Mott’s fruit juice healthy?

Yes, the fruit juices by Mott’s are healthy. It’s also high in Vitamin C, has no added sugar, and has a great flavor.

According to USDA Dietary Guidelines, its Original Apple Juice is 100% real fruit and contains two servings of fruit every 8 fl. oz. cup. 

5. Why am I craving fruit snacks?

It is a good thing to crave fruit snacks or fruits in general. It means that your body may be signaling to you that it requires more vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

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