How many pizzas do you require for 60 people?

So, you’re throwing a party, and you’ve got 60 people coming. Awesome! But now you’re scratching your head, thinking, “How many pizzas do I need?” Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Let’s break it down.

Pizza Sizes and Servings

Pizza sizes can vary greatly, but here’s a general guideline:

  • A small pizza (8-10 inches) can feed 1 adult or 2 kids.
  • A medium pizza (12 inches) can feed 2 adults and 3 kids.
  • A large pizza (14 inches) can feed 3 adults and 5 kids.
  • An extra-large pizza (16 inches) can feed 4 adults and 7 kids.

If you are planning to order pizzas for a gathering of 60 people, the quantity might vary according to the appetite. If you are thinking of keeping other snacks, main course dishes, and desserts on the menu, order less number of pizzas than the amount mentioned in this guide. If the pizzas are going to be the main course of your party, it is better to have more pizzas because an average adult will have up to 3-4 slices. Remember that having some leftovers is fine rather than leaving any of your guests starved.

How Many Pizzas Do I Need for 60 People?

You will need 20 Pizza's for a group of 60 Adults, assuming you are ordering Large 14 inch Pizza's. But, the number of Pizza's vary according to the size of pizza, appetite and age group. You can find a detailed table below in order to figure out the exact quantity.

A general rule of thumb to quickly calculate the number of required pizzas is multiplying the total number of people by 3/8, where 1/8 refers to one slice of the Pizza, and we assume that an average person can easily have up to 3 slices of a large pizza. If kids are also going to make it to the guestlist, you can do the same calculation, keeping in mind that children can have up to 1-2 slices.

Pizza Quantity According to Size for 60 People

Pizza SizeNumber of AdultsNumber of KidsPizzas Required
Small (10″)303045
Small (10″)402040
Small (10″)501035
Small (10″)60060
Small (10″)06030
Medium (12″)243620
Medium (12″)303018
Medium (12″)362416
Medium (12″)60030
Medium (12″)06020
Large (14″)204012
Large (14″)303011
Large (14″)402010
Large (14″)60020
Large (14″)06012
Extra Large (16″)15458
Extra Large (16″)25358
Extra Large (16″)35258
Extra Large (16″)60015
Extra Large (16″)0609

Things to keep in mind before ordering pizzas

There are other factors, like the other dishes at your party, the time of the party, etc., to consider before finalizing the number of pizzas. So, order 20% extra if there is only Pizza at your party as the primary food item. Also, add 20% to your final calculation as a safeguard.

1. The base of a pizza

Thin-crust pizzas are light, whereas pan and deep-dish pizzas fill the stomach. You can increase or decrease the number of pizzas by one or two, depending on the base you choose. Do keep your guests’ tastes and preferences in mind before ordering.

2. Toppings

Toppings play an essential part in determining whether a particular type of Pizza will be sufficient or not. Toppings like chicken, pepperoni, and salami can be more filling than veggie toppings like tomato, zucchini, bell pepper, and olives. You can look out for cheese similarly.

3. Size of the Pizza

Keep in mind the size of pizzas before ordering for a large group of people. Large pizzas (13-14 inches) will suffice for the adults, whereas it is wiser to call medium-sized (11-12 inches) pizza for the kids at the party. For example, Dominos’s large Pizza measures 14 inches, whereas medium Pizza measures 12 inches.

4. Appetite

Keep in mind the appetite of your guests before you dial your favorite café to order tons of pizzas to avoid wastage. If you have starters or other side dishes on the menu, your guests will not have too much of an appetite for pizzas. You can increase or decrease the number of pizzas accordingly.


Q: How many slices in a pizza?
A: Usually, a pizza is cut into 8 slices. But this can vary based on the pizza place and the size of the pizza.

Q: How many slices does a person usually eat?
A: On average, an adult might eat 3 slices, and a kid might eat 2. But hey, some might eat more, some might eat less.

Q: Can I get different toppings on each half of the pizza?
A: Most pizza places let you do this. It’s a great way to cater to different tastes.

Q: What if I have leftover pizza?
A: No problem! Pizza keeps well in the fridge for a few days and reheats nicely. Better to have too much than too little, right?


We hope this article made your work easy by helping you calculate the number of pizzas required for your next party and be the best host. You can also ask your guests to take some of the food with them; if you end up with leftovers, make sure you do not waste food. Do let us know in the comment section how your party turned out.

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