Can a type 2 diabetic eat pizza?

We are all aware of the fact that type 2 diabetic people suffer from a long-term condition where the body doesn’t use insulin properly, which results in unusual blood sugar levels. As difficult as it is to deal with symptoms like fatigue, increased appetite, infections, and blurry vision, one of the main issues people face is being strict with their diet. Diabetes restricts people from having food items like deep-fried stuff, cheese, meat, and processed food that might hamper their blood sugar levels. One such food item is pizza; there has been a lot of debate among fitness coaches, dieticians, and doctors if people with type 2 diabetes can have pizza.

Can a type 2 diabetic eat pizza?

If you, too, are wondering if a type 2 diabetic can have a pizza or not, then check out the article below to get your facts right:

People diagnosed with type 2 diabetes are advised to follow a strict diet plan so that the meals or a particular ingredient don’t lead to a sudden rise in blood sugar levels. Since pizzas comprise refined flour, processed cheese, and high salt levels, diabetics should refrain from such high-calorie food. However, if the person has been on a constant strict diet and is not indulging in junk food, he/she can have a few slices of pizza without worrying.

Best Pizza Variants for Diabetic Patients

Diabetics can opt for whole wheat pizzas with fresh veggie toppings, excluding meat, when they go out for dining. Several cafes and restaurants have come up in recent times that serve a healthy version of junk food and snacks. For example, Papa John’s has 100 percent wheat base pizza variants. Another thing to remember is the quantity; one must have pizza as a snack and only a few slices rather than having a whole pizza as a meal.

Healthy snack options for type 2 diabetic people

Type 2 diabetic

1. Chocolate chia pudding

One can never go wrong with chocolate chia pudding. Chia seeds are full of healthful fiber, and when paired up with chocolate, it offers a satisfying crunch.

2. Sprouts salad

People with type 2 diabetes should include sprouts in their diet, as they are full of nutrients.

3. Edamame

Edamame is enriched with fiber, protein, and a delicious flavor, making it a perfect snack.

4. Crackers/vegetables with hummus

Fresh hummus made from chickpeas is another fiber-rich healthy snack.

5. Fruits with Greek yogurt

Relish a bowl of seasonal fruits alongside Greek yogurt for a filling snack.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can pizza raise your blood sugar?

Pizzas made from refined flour and loaded with processed cheese and meat are unhealthy for diabetics. Such food items can raise blood sugar levels.

2. What type of pizza is best for diabetics?

Diabetics can opt for pizzas with bases made from whole wheat, fresh toppings, and fresh cheese or even no cheese.

3. How many slices of pizza can a diabetic eat?

A diabetic person can have up to 1-2 slices of pizza if he/she is usually on a strict diet. The person should ensure they do not consume the pizza as a meal but only as a snack.

4. Can a diabetic eat a whole pizza?

Diabetic people should avoid having a whole pizza to themselves, as their bodies can induce a delayed blood sugar rise. It is better to have a few slices occasionally.


We hope that this article helped the conscious eaters out there to understand the pizza consumption pattern for diabetics. As the article suggests, people with type 2 diabetes should keep an eye on the portion if they decide to indulge in pizzas, keeping toppings in mind.

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