Does Little Ceasars deliver Pizza?

Little Caesars is a pizza restaurant chain with over 4000 stores across the country, with over 2 million people eating there yearly!

Does Little Caesers deliver pizza?

Yes, Little Caesars delivers pizza. You can order online or through a mobile app. Delivery times vary by location, and delivery availability is unavailable in all areas and cities. 

If you spend over $10 on your order, delivery is free! They are a national chain of pizzerias, delivering all over the country. They have several different restaurants across their franchise locations and deliver to homes and businesses in the area when you order.

Does Little Ceasars deliver Pizza

Little Caesar’s branches in the US

Little Caesars, a popular pizza chain known for its affordable and tasty offerings, has a significant presence in the United States with numerous branches across several states. Among these states, California boasts the highest number of Little Caesars locations with 537 branches, followed closely by Texas with 518. The chain’s roots are in Michigan, which still holds a strong presence with 311 branches. Florida, Georgia, Ohio, Tennessee, North Carolina, Illinois, and Arizona each have a substantial number of Little Caesars locations, ranging from 122 to 242. This wide distribution allows the brand to cater to the pizza cravings of customers in these states, further solidifying its position as a popular choice for quick and delicious pizza options.

California 537

Texas 518

Michigan 311

Florida 242

Georgia 179

Ohio 164

Tennessee 145

North Carolina 132

Illinois 131

Arizona 122


How far does Little Caesers deliver?

Little Caesars delivers within a 6-mile radius of the restaurant’s location. The distance varies depending on which store you go to; some locations may not be able to deliver as far as others because it would take too long for them to get there and back with just one driver (and no one wants cold pizza). 
No matter what, though: if you live around 6 miles of any Little Caesars restaurant, you can order online or over the phone and receive your delicious pie delivered right at your door! It can be more at specific branches. 
If you’re looking for fast food delivery options in your area, look no further than Little Caesar’s!

What makes Little Caesers so good?

Little Caesers is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a quick, cheap meal. With pizza prices starting at just $6, it’s hard to find anything better. The pizza is also pretty good! What makes it so delicious?
Breadstick crust: The breadstick crust adds a nice crunch and texture that you can’t get with regular pizza dough. Plus, they’re the perfect size for one person (unless you’re hungry).
Unique crazy sauce: Little Caesers uses its special sauce in all their pizzas—and it’s crazy good!

How much does Little Caesers pizza cost?

If you’re like me, pizza is one of your favorite foods. But how much does Little Caesars pizzeria charge?
All their pizzas are large, 14 inches, with 8 slices. Their prices start at $6, making it a top choice.

What are the delivery times for Little Caeser’s pizza?

When do Little Caeser’s deliver pizza? Little Caeser’s has very flexible hours and days they will deliver pizza. You can order your pizza between 11 am – 9 pm 7 days a week.

Is Little Caeser’s pizza delivery free?

Little Caesar’s delivery costs a flat $2.99 and a 10% service charge. 
If you’re ordering for a group of people, this can be a great way to save money on delivery costs!

What are the best at Little Caesars?

The best pizzas at Little Caesars are their pepperoni pizza and their four-cheese supreme pizza. These two options are popular among customers because they offer a good balance between price and quality. You’ll get your money’s worth from either of these options!
If you’re looking for side dishes (or appetizers), we recommend their breadsticks or Crazy Bread as good choices for your meal. This bread is filled with different types of cheese, which adds extra flavor when eaten with any sauce on top (like marinara). It also goes great dipped into spaghetti sauce as well!
Desserts satisfy sweet tooth cravings after eating your main course meal at Little Caesars. They come at an affordable $1-$2 price point each!

Can I customize my order when I order online from Little Caesars Pizza?

Little Caesars Pizza allow customization on certain food items on their menu. Although, you can always mention your specific requirements while ordering food.

Does it cost extra to get food delivery from the Little Caesars Pizza near me?

It entirely depends on the restaurant chain and the location. Service fee too varies from restaurant to restaurant. So, make sure that you check the prices and the service fee, before ordering.


Hopefully, we have answered all your questions about Little Caeser’s delivery. This popular restaurant serves delicious food and has a wide selection of dishes to choose from. Their pizzas are our favorite at this place, but plenty more options are available if you want something different! 

If you want to order from Little Caesar’s, then make sure to check their website or mobile app to order.

While many are fans of Little Ceasars, there are also others who prefer the taste and convenience of Casey’s pizza delivery.

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