Does Casey’s deliver pizza?

Casey’s offers quality fuel to get you where you need to go, gift cards for any occasion, and credit cards packed with great benefits and savings —but that’s not all. They are also the go-to destination for pizza, drinks, and snacks.

If you have questions about Casey’s pizza delivery, this guide is for you!

Does Casey deliver Pizza?

Yes! Casey delivers pizza, but only if you live in their service area. Casey’s has its stores spread across 16 states.

Number of Casey Stores

Most of its stores are located in these ten states:

  1. Iowa (536 stores),
  2. Illinois (465 stores),
  3. Missouri (323 stores),
  4. Minnesota (181 stores),
  5. Kansas (175 stores),
  6. Nebraska (155 stores),
  7. Indiana (129 stores),
  8. Arkansas (73 stores),
  9. Oklahoma (65 stores),
  10. Wisconsin (48 stores)

This is a list of the top five cities with the most number of Casey’s locations:

  1. Omaha (25 stores),
  2. Cedar Rapids (22 stores),
  3. Lincoln (17 stores),
  4. Des Moines (16 stores),
  5. Fargo (14 stores).
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Ordering Pizza from Casey’s

Ordering pizza from Casey’s is designed to be a hassle-free experience. With user-friendly online ordering, Casey’s allows customers to select a delivery option, enter their location, and choose from nearby Casey’s stores for delivery. Customers can further customize their orders and schedule a later delivery time slot, ensuring that hot pizza arrives precisely when it’s needed.

Steps to order:

  1. Select Delivery Option.
  2. Enter your location in the location box.

3. If your location is within Casey’s serviceable areas, you will get a drop-down list of the different stores that deliver to your location.

4. Choose the store that suits you best and add your order details.

5. You can also choose a later time slot for your pizza delivery.

5. Finalize your order details, complete the payment, and your Pizza will reach you soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the most popular Casey’s Pizza?

You can try Casey’s Taco Pizza or Sausage Pizza for the unique famous pizzas of this outlet. The Ultimate Hawaiian Pizza is another popular pizza.

2. Does Casey’s make their pizzas?

Yes, they do! Casey makes their pizzas from scratch. They do not use ready-made or stored crusts to make their pizzas. One can select a size and choose from a range of crusts, including the new garlic crust, sauces, and toppings to satisfy cravings.

3. How many slices are in a Casey’s Pizza?

A Casey’s small(10″) and medium (12″) pizza has six slices. The large Pizza (14″) has 12 slices.

4. What kind of crust does Casey’s Pizza have?

Casey’s has a wide variety of crust options to choose from. The different crusts available are handmade original, thin crust, flatbread, gluten-free, and garlic crust. They also have gluten-free crust options. The garlic crust costs half a dollar extra than the other crusts.

5. What makes Casey’s Pizza so good?

Casey makes sure to maintain some quality standards, which helps them to be the best among others-
1.   Fresh pizzas, made-from-scratch.
2.   Use fresh ingredients for toppings.
3.   On-time pick-up and delivery service.
4.   On-demand customized options.
5.   Sanitation and hygiene precautions.
6.   Various options-for pizza crust and toppings.

6. How much does a Casey’s Pizza cost?

An original large pizza costs $13.99. The final price, however, depends on the customization you make. Adding various toppings incurs an additional cost to the above price. For example, adding extra mozzarella cheese will add $1.85 to your cost. Each additional topping costs $1.75.
Single topping pizza costs $13.99, Breakfast Pizza costs $15.99, and Speciality Pizza costs $16.99.

In conclusion, Casey’s delivers pizza. Make sure you’re within the delivery area, and enjoy your meal! While Casey’s does offer pizza delivery, don’t forget to consider Little Ceasars for another pizza choice.

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