Is Zevia Healthy? 

Many people are searching for healthier alternatives to traditional sodas. Enter Zevia, a sugar-free drink boasting natural ingredients. But how does it stack up health-wise? Let’s find out.

Is Zevia Healthy?

Though Zevia promotes itself as a “Zero Sugar Soda That’s Good For You,” it’s essential to delve into its ingredients to understand its health implications. This article aims to dissect Zevia’s composition, comparing it to mainstream sodas, and presenting reviews to determine its health value.

Ingredient Analysis of Zevia

  • Stevia leaf extract: A natural sweetener extracted from Stevia rebaudiana, considered a healthier alternative to refined sugar. A 2020 medical study found that stevia possesses antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and hypotensive properties. However, it might not be ideal for couples trying to conceive due to its potential reversible anti-fertility effects.
  • Citric acid: Used as a preservative and flavor enhancer. Some research suggests it may cause inflammatory reactions in specific individuals.
  • Natural flavors: Generally healthier than artificial flavors, but certain additives might raise toxicity concerns.
  • Caffeine: Zevia contains a moderate dose, about half of what’s found in a coffee cup.

While Zevia isn’t inherently unhealthy, certain ingredients might be seen as questionable, leading us not to classify the brand as outright healthy.

Does Zevia Cause Side Effects?

While no clinical trials directly study Zevia’s potential side effects, we can speculate based on its ingredients. For instance, some in vitro studies suggest stevia might disrupt gut function, though human-based research doesn’t confirm these findings. As of now, Zevia is deemed unlikely to cause side effects in healthy adults.


While we wouldn’t label Zevia as “healthy,” it’s a considerable step up from commercial sodas like Coca-Cola. However, due to ingredients like citric acid and natural flavors, those conscious about their health might want to be cautious. If you’re set on stevia-based sodas, consider brands that only use stevia and carbonated water, free from other additives.


1. Why does Zevia taste so good?

Zevia owes its sweet taste to stevia, a plant 300 times sweeter than regular sugar. So, instead of resorting to high-fructose corn syrup or artificial sweeteners, Zevia leverages this natural plant extract to achieve its sweetness.

2. Who owns Zevia?

Paddy Spence acquired Zevia in 2010, assuming roles as both CEO and chairman. However, as of August 2022, Amy Taylor took over as CEO.

3. Is Zevia organic?

Yes, Zevia offers an organic line, as evident with products like their USDA Organic Sugar Free Iced Tea. Their broad range, encompassing Sodas, Energy, Mixers, and Kidz beverages, provides zero sugar options for the entire family, all infused with plant-based ingredients.

Understanding the healthiness of Zevia also involves looking into its potential impact on weight loss.

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