Is Diet Coke Really Healthy?

The fizzy charm of Diet Coke without the calories of regular soda has won many over. But recent insights into its ingredients and potential health impacts have cast shadows of doubt. What really goes into that can of calorie-free goodness, and is it truly a healthier option?

Is Diet Coke Healthy?

For many, Diet Coke seemed like the perfect alternative to regular soda – same great taste, no sugar. Yet, the health implications aren’t as straightforward. While it may be sugar-free, Diet Coke contains artificial sweeteners, which have become controversial. The World Health Organization recently advised against their consumption, linking them to health risks like Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Three nutritionists we consulted unanimously advised against artificial sweeteners.

Side Effects Of Drinking Diet Coke Everyday

  • Weight Gain: Despite being low in calories, Diet Coke might not aid weight loss. A University of Texas study showed that diet soda drinkers had a 70% greater increase in waist circumference compared to non-drinkers over ten years.
  • Heart Attack: A study spanning 10 years and including 2000 participants found an increased risk of heart attacks and strokes amongst regular diet soda drinkers.
  • Artificial Sweeteners: Apart from potential metabolic side effects, aspartame, a key sweetener in Diet Coke, has been linked to over 90 different health side effects including headaches and depression.
  • Dangerous Chemicals: The caramel coloring in Diet Coke is produced by combining sulfites and ammonia, which can produce carcinogens.
  •  A Tufts University study indicated that soda consumption, in general, can reduce bone mineral density.

Diet Coke Nutrition Facts

IngredientAmount per 12-ounce serving
Total fat0 grams
Sodium40 mg
Total carbohydrate0 grams
Total sugars0 grams
Protein0 grams
Caffeine46 mg


Though Diet Coke offers a sugar-free alternative to its sugary counterpart, it’s essential to be aware of its potential health risks. The key lies in moderation and being informed about what we consume.


1. Is Diet Coke really sugar-free?

Yes, Diet Coke doesn’t have added sugars. Instead, it employs artificial sweeteners like aspartame. There are also Diet Coke versions sweetened with Splenda, a sucralose brand. Flavors like ginger lime and feisty cherry are available for those looking for a twist.

2. Which Coke is the healthiest?

Regular Coke contains 39 grams of sugar, while Diet Coke and Coke Zero are marketed as healthier alternatives. According to Jenny Beth Kropelin, a registered dietician, Coke Zero might be slightly healthier due to its lesser caffeine content.

3. Is Coke Zero OK for diabetics?

Although Coke Zero doesn’t contain sugar, its artificial sweeteners might not be the healthier choice for those wanting to minimize their diabetes risk. A study involving 66,118 women over 14 years found a correlation between artificially sweetened drink consumption and increased type 2 diabetes risk.

While exploring if Diet Coke is genuinely healthy, it might also be valuable to check how Coke Zero affects weight loss.

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