Is V8 Splash Healthy?

While the V8 brand is well-known for its 100% Vegetable Juice, V8 Splash is a distinct product. Unlike the original V8, the primary ingredient in V8 Splash, after water, is high fructose corn syrup. So, is V8 Splash a healthy choice?

Is V8 Splash Healthy or Not?

No, V8 Splash isn’t very healthy. With 25g of sugar per serving, primarily from high fructose corn syrup, along with other ingredients like sucralose and artificial colors in certain flavors, it raises some concerns.

Ingredients of V8 Splash

  • High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS): A major source of the sugar content.
  • Reconstituted Vegetable and Fruit Juice: Although real juice is included, only 5% of the Tropical Blend flavor is genuine juice. Also, fruit juices can be high in sugar and lack fiber.
  • Sucralose: A zero-calorie sweetener that could negatively affect gut health.
  • Artificial Colors (e.g., Red 40 in Berry Blend): Controversial due to potential links to hyperactivity in children and possible carcinogenicity.

Nutritional Value

V8 Splash contains 24g to 27g of total sugar per bottle (12 flu oz.), which is even higher than the sugar content in Gatorade. Considering the American Heart Association’s recommended sugar intake, a single bottle of V8 Splash can provide more than half the daily added sugar allowance for both men and women.

Side Effects

V8 Splash can influence blood sugar levels due to its high fructose corn syrup content. It is also not keto-friendly, given its high carbohydrate content. Furthermore, its inclusion of malic acid can lead to side effects like nausea and headaches for some individuals.

Nutritional Comparison

DrinkCalories (per 12 fly oz.)Total SugarsSodiumAdded SugarVitamins and Minerals
V8 Splash11025g15mg20gVitamin A, C, and E
Simply Orange Juice16534g0mg0gVitamin C

V8 Splash vs. Soda

While V8 Splash contains high fructose corn syrup, sucralose, and artificial colors in some flavors, Coca-Cola includes ingredients like phosphoric acid and caramel color. Although it might be challenging to decide which is worse, neither is a truly healthy option. However, if choosing between the two, V8 Splash might be a marginally healthier option than Coca-Cola.


V8 Splash, though containing certain beneficial elements like antioxidants and vitamins, also has significant drawbacks. While it may be a slightly healthier option compared to some fruit juices, it’s not particularly beneficial. In essence, it’s an alternative within the fruit juice category but not a recommended daily beverage.


1. What are the benefits of V8 splash juice drinks?

Made with a 5% fruit juice blend with other natural flavors, this V8 juice contains antioxidants vitamin C and B vitamins, and it has 25% less sugar than leading brands of juice drinks (1).

2. Does V8 juice burn fat?

In the study, participants who drank one to two servings of Low Sodium V8® 100% vegetable juice a day as part of a balanced diet increased their vegetable intake and lost an average of four pounds over the 12-week study period. Those who did not drink juice lost only one pound.

3. Can I drink V8 juice on an empty stomach?

Vegetable Juice can be taken at any time. Early morning is excellent, before a meal is also good. It’s vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients are best absorbed on an empty stomach and it also has a detoxifying effect on the body. Fruit juice is avoidable completely because it raises the blood sugars rapidly.

4. How much juice is in V8 splash?

V8 Splash Fruit Medley Flavored Beverage is a refreshing thirst-quencher for the whole family. Made with a 5% juice blend from concentrate along with other natural fruit flavors, this V8 juice features notes of apples, pears, pineapples and cherries for delicious kids drinks.

In our journey of understanding healthy beverages, after V8 Splash, we also analyzed the nutritional benefits of Bolthouse Farms Green Goodness.

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