Is Cheez-It Healthy?

Cheez-It, a renowned brand of cheese crackers, has been delighting taste buds since 1921. Owned by the Sunshine Biscuits division of Kellogg’s, it even boasted being the leading cracker brand in America in 2017. But, the crucial question is, are these beloved crackers healthy?

Is Cheez-It Healthy?

While Cheez-Its might curb your snack cravings, labelling them as ‘healthy’ might be a stretch. Although they offer minimal nutritional benefits, they also lack substantial fiber and protein. Consuming just half a box can bring you close to half your RDA for calories and sodium. Adding to concerns, Cheez-Its contain TBHQ, a chemical with known side effects, and MSG, which can encourage overconsumption. The flavor may be tempting, but the nutritional content suggests sparing consumption.

Ingredients and Nutritional Facts

Cheez-It Original Ingredients: Enriched flour, vegetable oil, cheese made with skim milk, and traces of salt, paprika, yeast, and soy lecithin. This version of wheat flour, commonly known as enriched wheat flour, is derived by grinding only the endosperm of the wheat grain. The process omits the bran and germ, which are rich in nutrients. Consequently, to compensate for the loss, artificial nutrients like niacin, reduced iron, and several vitamins are added.

Calories fuel our daily activities, but an excess can lead to obesity and associated ailments. The FDA recommends an average intake of 2000 calories daily. Breaking down the caloric content of Cheez-It:

  • 27 crackers (30 g): 150 calories
  • 42 g pack (approx. 38 crackers): 210 calories
  • 198 g pack (approx. 178 crackers): 990 calories
Natural Wheat Flour (per 100 g)Enriched Wheat Flour
Calories340Varies with enrichment
Protein13.2 gramsVaries with enrichment
Carbohydrate72 gramsVaries with enrichment

Major Concern – Cheez-It Can Be Addictive

The addictive nature of Cheez-Its is not just due to their crunchy, cheesy taste. Their small size makes portion control challenging, and cheese, a primary ingredient, releases dopamine in the brain, making them moreish.


Cheez-It might be energy-dense, but it’s low on essential nutrients and could be addictive. Like all treats, moderation is key. Pay attention to overall dietary intake to ensure balance.


1. Is Cheez-It vegan?

Cheez-It’s main ingredient is 100% real dairy cheese, making them non-vegan.

2. Is Cheez it Fried?

Cheez-It crackers have been a household favorite for years due to their crispy texture and genuine cheese flavor, achieved through baking, not frying.

3. Are Cheez It bad for teeth?

Starchy snacks, like Cheez-Its, can cling to teeth. Over time, these starches can turn to sugar, mingling with bacteria and potentially causing dental issues.

If you’re analyzing the health value of Cheez-It, you might be intrigued by the nutritional information of Triscuit as well.

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