Is Campbell’s Tomato Soup Healthy?

The red Campbell’s soup label has been a staple in many households for years, evoking warm memories of comfort and nourishment. But as health-conscious consumers, it’s crucial to delve deeper into what’s inside the can.

Is Campbell’s Tomato Soup Healthy?

While one serving of Campbell’s Tomato Soup might seem harmless, it’s important to be aware of what you’re consuming. A single can might not seem like much, but consuming it all at once can quickly add up. For a healthier option, you might consider the Campbell’s Healthy Request line, known for its reduced sodium content. For instance, their chicken noodle soup contains less than half the sodium of the original. There’s also an option to explore their low-sodium varieties, like the vegetable soup which has just 115 milligrams of sodium. However, be wary of soups that are rich in creams and fatty meats, as these are often loaded with saturated fats that aren’t heart-friendly. On a positive note, certain Campbell’s soups are rich in fiber which is beneficial for digestion and heart health. For instance, their bean with bacon soup provides a whopping 40% of the daily recommended fiber intake.

Nutrition Facts of Campbell’s Tomato Soup

Amount Per 100 grams% Daily Value*
Total Fat1.2 g1%
Sodium331 mg13%
Cholesterol0 mg0%
Sugar 8 g
Protein1.6 g3%

Benefits of Campbell’s Tomato Soup

  • REAL FLAVOR: The tomato soup boasts a heart-healthy blend of tomato puree and seasonings. Diets low in saturated fat and cholesterol may reduce the risk of heart diseases.
  • SIMPLE PREPARATION: Easy to prepare – just add water, simmer, and enjoy.
  • VERSATILE STAPLE: Perfect on its own, or as a base for various recipes. Can also be paired with salads or sandwiches.
  • MENU INSPIRATION: A great addition to any menu – from appetizers to main courses.

Drawbacks of Campbell’s Tomato Soup

The primary concern when consuming Campbell’s Tomato Soup is its high sodium content. Consuming too much sodium can increase the risk of heart diseases. To put things into perspective, their tomato soup contains 480 milligrams of sodium per serving, which is 32% of the daily recommended limit.


While Campbell’s Tomato Soup offers certain health benefits, like fiber and some essential nutrients, it’s vital to be mindful of its high sodium content. It’s always recommended to read the label and make informed choices.


1. Why is Campbell tomato soup famous?

The Campbell Soup Company is renowned for its high-quality products. It has received numerous awards, including a quality medal at the Centennial Exhibition in 1876 and the Gold Medallion for excellence at the Paris Exposition in 1900.

2. Why is Campbell soup so expensive?

The price of Campbell’s soups, including the black bean soup, reflects their processed and manufactured nature. They undergo various procedures on massive assembly lines, resulting in the colorful labeled cans we see in grocery stores.

3. How old is Campbell’s Tomato Soup?

Campbell’s journey with ready-to-eat soups began in 1895 with the introduction of the Beefsteak Tomato soup.

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