Are Rice Cakes Healthier Than Bread?

Many debates whether rice cakes are better or whether bread for breakfast is suitable. A plethora of online forums has this question making rounds every year. We have brought your search to a stop by analyzing whether rice cakes are healthier than bread. 

Let’s see what is good for you. 

Are rice cakes healthier than bread?

Let us run an analysis and compare the two. CakeBread 
1.CaloriesLow in vitamins and minerals. Contains mostly carbs. Some varieties include whole grains.It is gluten-free. One slice of white bread has 67 calories, whole wheat has 92, and sourdough has 93 calories. The calorie count will multiply if you eat two or four slices of bread.  
2.FiberThey have zero grams of fiber. They range from 0.6 to 2 grams, depending on the variety and slices one eats. 
3.NutrientsWhole wheat bread has whole grains. They are low in protein, fat, and many vitamins. They mostly contain gluten. Low in vitamins and minerals. Contains mostly carbs. Some varieties include whole grains. It is gluten-free. 
4.Glycemic IndexHigh (70 to 90)High (71 to 100)

Are they suitable for people with diabetes?

Bread and rice cakes have a high glycemic index, so they are unsuitable for people with diabetes. They can lead to a spike in blood sugar levels, making it dangerous for people with sugar-related problems. 

Pros and Cons

Rice cake 


  • The advantages of eating rice cakes include their portability, versatility, and lower calorie content than bread and chips.
  • Puffed rice, rice flour, and occasionally additional ingredients, including grains, sugar, salt, and flavoring, are used to make rice cakes. 
  • The healthiest varieties lack artificial chemicals or added sugar and are prepared with whole-grain rice.


  • Rice cakes don’t contain many nutrients, although they often have low-calorie counts. 
  • They are high in carbohydrates if taken excessively. 



  • Bread is known to be good for our mental health. 
  • The bran fiber in whole grain wheat bread helps improve bowel movements by softening and increasing stool size, making them easier to pass through the intestines. 


  • While bread effectively satisfies our appetite, it has little nutritional value that can help us live healthier lives.
  • Its high glycemic index causes blood sugar levels to spike as your body consumes carbohydrates more quickly. The amylopectin A in bread causes your body to digest and absorb the sugar instantly.
  • Regular consumption can cause weight gain, blood sugar spikes, obesity, and diabetes.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, rice cakes are better and healthier than bread. Many people indulge in some race cakes by eating them with tuna, avocado spread, peanut butter spread, and more. 

It is necessary to note that bringing diversity to your plate with veggies, fruits, etc., is also essential for a healthy lifestyle. 


1. Is it reasonable to eat bread every day?

It sounds reasonable if you are eating at most two slices. However, adding different fruits and vegetables apart from bread is also important. 

2. How many rice cakes equal a slice of bread?

Two rice cakes are equal to one white bread and three whole wheat bread. So, rice cakes seem a better option when compared to bread. 

3. Can you get fat on rice cakes?

Rice cakes will not necessarily make you fat, but since they contain carbs, excess carbs can lead to weight gain. 

Apart from comparing rice cakes to bread, you might also be curious about how plain Cheerios stand in terms of health benefits.

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