The Best Bechamel Sauce For Lasagna

Lasagna tastes best in bechamel sauce, as it is a crucial component that adds a creamy texture. If you are making your bechamel sauce from scratch, this article is for you. We’ll explore some popular brands of bechamel sauce that are perfect for lasagna and what makes them stand out.

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The Best Bechamel Sauce For Lasagna

Now, let’s check out the brands that are perfect for your lasagna:

1. Barilla Bechamel Sauce

Barilla is a well-known brand of pasta and sauce that has been around for over 140 years. Their bechamel sauce is famous for its smooth velvety texture and rich flavor. Made with high-quality ingredients like milk, butter, and flour, Barilla bechamel sauce is an excellent option for lasagna.

2. Bertolli Bechamel Sauce

This company is another well-known brand producing Italian-inspired sauces and products for over 150 years. Their bechamel sauce is a rich and indulgent option perfect for lasagna. It has Parmesan cheese and butter, and this sauce adds a decadent layer to the lasagna.

3. Prego Bechamel Sauce

Prego’s products are known for their bold flavors and quality ingredients. Their bechamel sauce is no exception, with a smooth texture adding a delicious layer to lasagna. It contains natural cream and Parmesan cheeses. It’s a great choice for experimenting with different lasagna recipes, as it pairs well with various pasta sauces and ingredients.

4. Ragu Bechamel Sauce

Ragu has been around for over 80 years. Their bechamel sauce is popular among home cooks and chefs thanks to its creamy texture and subtle flavor. Ragu bechamel sauce can add extra creaminess to various dishes, including lasagna. Its smooth consistency makes it an excellent base for other flavors, while its mild taste ensures it won’t overpower the other ingredients in your lasagna.

5. Victoria Bechamel Sauce

They have been producing authentic Italian sauces and products for over 90 years. Their bechamel sauce is a rich and creamy option perfect for lasagna. Its rich flavor pairs well with various cheeses and pasta sauces, making it a versatile choice for any lasagna recipe.


To sum up, many popular brands of bechamel sauce are perfect for lasagna, each with its unique flavor and texture. When selecting a bechamel sauce, look for high-quality ingredients and a smooth, creamy texture that will add a delicious layer to your lasagna.


1. What is the secret to the perfect bechamel?

Going slowly will ensure that all the ingredients combine smoothly and gradually, which is the key to making a good bechamel sauce. It is crucial to take things slow with cooking; be patient in making it, and all your hard work will be seen in the end.

2. Is white lasagna sauce the same as bechamel?

Yes, the white sauce and bechamel sauce are the same. Bechamel sauce is a white sauce made from milk, butter, and salt as its main ingredients.

3. Why is nutmeg used in bechamel?

Nutmeg is used to enhance the bechamel sauce’s flavor, making it a little nutty and adding a hint of sweetness to the sauce.

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