Are Strawberry Pop-Tarts Vegan?

When most people hear the term “Pop-Tarts”, they instantly think of those delicious toaster pastries that have been a breakfast staple for many over the years. Just as Kleenex represents tissues and Ziplok stands for plastic storage bags, Pop-Tarts are synonymous with portable hand pies, often characterized by their sugary glaze.

Are Strawberry Pop-Tarts Vegan?

The simple answer is: not if they’re frosted. For those considering a vegan diet, you may wonder about the vegan status of these popular pastries. Unfortunately, the majority of name-brand Pop-Tarts are not vegan. This is mainly due to the icing that contains gelatin, which is an animal-derived ingredient. So while the pastry and most fillings don’t contain eggs or dairy, the icing’s inclusion of gelatin makes them unsuitable not only for vegans but vegetarians as well.

However, there’s good news for vegan enthusiasts! The unfrosted versions of Pop-Tarts, specifically Blueberry, Brown Sugar Cinnamon, and Strawberry, are completely free from animal ingredients.

Why Almost All Pop-Tarts Are Not Vegan

What makes these toaster treats predominantly non-vegan? It’s primarily the frosting. But let’s delve deeper into the reasons:

  • Gelatin: Used as a food texturizer, gelatin is derived from the collagen found in animal skin, bones, and tissues. Predominantly sourced from beef and pork industries, its presence in most Pop-Tarts makes them non-vegan.
  • Egg Whites: While not in all varieties, some Pop-Tarts contain egg whites, which are non-vegan.
  • Milk: Certain Pop-Tarts feature milk or milk chocolate, which is non-vegan.
  • Sugar: While beet sugar is vegan-friendly, cane sugar may be processed with bone char, a meat industry by-product, making it questionable for strict vegans.
  • Soybean and Palm Oil: While plant-based, their production is often linked to environmental concerns, making them a topic of debate among environmental vegans.
  • Natural and Artificial Flavors: Some Pop-Tarts contain flavorings from milk derivatives.
  • Food Coloring: Certain colorings derive from unsustainable sources, posing concerns for environmental vegans.

Try Homemade Vegan Strawberry Pop-Tarts Recipe

For those who want to indulge in this nostalgic treat without compromising their vegan lifestyle, consider making your own! Using vegan-friendly ingredients, you can recreate the classic Strawberry Pop-Tart taste at home. Be sure to skip the gelatin and use plant-based alternatives for the frosting!


While Pop-Tarts have been a beloved snack for many over the years, vegans must tread with caution. The majority of these pastries contain non-vegan ingredients, primarily due to their icing. But with unfrosted options and homemade recipes available, vegans can still indulge in these treats without compromising their dietary choices.


1. Which Pop-Tart is vegan?

The four unfrosted Pop-Tarts—blueberry, brown sugar, and snickerdoodle—contain no animal ingredients. However, the brown sugar and snickerdoodle varieties may contain sugar processed with non-vegan bone char.

2. What Pop-Tarts have eggs?

The Frosted Cookies & Crème and S’mores Pop-Tarts contain egg whites.

3.What is gelatin made of?

Gelatin is produced by processing animal bones, cartilage, and skin, such as from cows or fish. It extracts collagen, a fibrous protein, and turns it into a flavorless, jelly-like substance.

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