Are Sun Chips Healthy?

When reaching for a snack, many of us opt for something we believe is a healthier alternative to the usual culprits. Sun Chips, with their rippled texture and light crunch, often feel like the perfect choice. Produced by Frito Lay since 1991, they’ve gained quite the fan base. Yet, how wholesome are these chips really?

Are Sun Chips Healthy?

Finding the right balance between taste and health can be tricky. Sun Chips have always been marketed as a healthier option, given their claim of “all natural” ingredients and fewer artificial components than other brands. Introduced in the ’90s and manufactured in a solar-powered plant since 2008, they certainly seem eco-friendly. But while they might win points for environmental considerations, their nutritional profile tells a different story.

Nutrition Facts About Sun Chips

Serving SizeAbout 16 chips (28g)
Total Fat6g (8% DV)
Dietary Fiber2g (9% DV)
Sodium110mg (5% DV)

100% Whole Grain: Diets rich in whole grain foods can promote better health.

  • 30% Less Fat Than Regular Chips: Compared to 10g in regular chips, Sun Chips have just 6g per serving.
  • Heart Healthy: Diets low in saturated fat and cholesterol, supplemented with whole grains, can potentially reduce heart disease risk.
  • No Artificial Flavors or Preservatives: Always check the label for the most recent nutritional information.

Ingredients of Sun Chips

At a glance, the ingredient list includes:

  • Whole Corn 
  • Sunflower and/or Canola Oil 
  • Whole Wheat
  • Brown Rice Flour
  • Whole Oat Flour
  • Sugar, Salt
  • Natural Flavor
  • Maltodextrin.

It’s important to note that it also contains wheat ingredients.


So, are Sun Chips truly a health food? While they offer certain nutritional benefits over other chip brands, it’s essential to consume them in moderation. Remember, it’s the overall diet and lifestyle that count!


1. Is Sun Chips junk food?

Despite their ‘natural’ label, Sun Chips aren’t exactly the healthiest choice. They have an edge over some snacks, like Doritos, due to fewer artificial additives. However, their genetically-modified ingredients can raise eyebrows.

2. Are Sun Chips fried or baked?

Contrary to their healthy image, Sun Chips are indeed fried.

3. Are Sun Chips gluten free?

No, Sun Chips contain gluten, primarily due to the presence of Whole Wheat. Those on a gluten-free diet should avoid them.

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