Can you preorder Costco Pizza?

Have you ever wondered if you could preorder a Costco pizza before going to Costco? It’s a question we’ve asked when faced with the prospect of spending 30 minutes in line at Costco to buy a pizza we are craving. But don’t worry, because you can indeed find the answer here to order your favorite pizza from Costco! 

The next time you’re craving pizza for dinner but don’t want to spend time waiting in line, here’s what you need to know about pre-ordering pizza at Costco. 

preorder Costco Pizza

Can I preorder a Costco Pizza ahead of time?

Yes, you can pre-order a pizza at Costco. You can place an order for your pizza in person or over the phone before pick-up.

It is also important to note that if you are planning on coming in-store early with your family or friends after work, there’s no need to worry about missing out on your favorite pizza! Since every location has different opening times (and hours), it’s best to check this information before heading over to know exactly when they’ll be open for business.

Can I place an order for Costco Food Court pizza online?

Unfortunately, placing an order for Costco Food Court pizza online is not possible. For this, you must visit or dial the number of your local Costco Food Court to place the order.

How To Place a Costco Pizza Order with the Food Court?

  • Go to the Costco “Find A Warehouse” search.
  • Type the zip code of your area. For example, if you live in Columbus, Ohio, enter 43085.
  • After entering, a list of warehouses will appear. Find the one closest to your locality.
  • After locating, click on “Store Details.” Once it opens, scroll down to “Food Court” and click on the + button.
  • You will get the phone number of that Costco.


1. How much time ahead should I call to order a Costco Pizza?

If you’re planning a party and want to make sure your pizza can be picked up on time, it’s best to call at least half an hour before the scheduled start time of your event. If you have a smaller group, it might be okay to call less than half an hour ahead of time—just don’t forget that you’ll need time to get there!

2. How long does it take for Costco pizza to be ready?

Costco’s pizza is made fresh daily, so the time it takes to be ready depends on what time you stop by. If you go in the afternoon or early evening, it should be ready within 15 minutes. But during peak hours, it may take longer.

3. Can I get frozen pizzas at Costco?

You can also find frozen pizzas in the freezer section of most Costcos. These come in several varieties: pepperoni and cheese, supreme, Hawaiian style, and even gluten-free! So everyone is sure to be satisfied with this option.

4. What is the phone number to place a Costco Pizza order?

You can place a Costco Pizza order by phone at (818) 557-3787.

5. How many Costco pizza branches are there in the USA?

Costco has about 400 Pizza locations in the USA! It is the 15th largest pizza chain in the US.

6. What are the best pizzas at Costco?

There are a few options to choose from, but we’ll tell you about our favorite: the Cheese Pizza. This pizza is made with 100% real mozzarella cheese and comes in both the deli section of your local Costco store and the freezer section of your local Costco store. This means you can pick up some slices after work or cook up a classic pepperoni pizza for dinner! You also have the option of customizing your pizza.


So the main takeaway is: Yes, you can preorder Costco pizza. You cannot order online, but only over the phone or in-store.

If you’re planning to preorder Costco pizza, you might also want to know if there’s an option to order it online for delivery.

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