How To Get Milk To Room Temperature Quickly?

Everyone needs milk, as it is a good source of calcium and vitamins. Even people with lactose intolerance drink lactose-free milk, and vegans drink almond or soy milk. As you can see, it plays a vital role in everyone’s life. 

Now, you must be wondering if there are ways to bring your hot or chilled milk to room temperature, as sometimes some recipes call for an ingredient to be at room temperature. This article will discuss how you can bring milk to room temperature without any hassle.

Let’s dive deep into it. 


Ways To Bring Hot Milk To Room Temperature Quickly 

Waiting for it to reach room temperature will take a lot of time. Try the following techniques to reach the desired temperature quickly:

Method 1:

1. Take the required amount of milk in a separate vessel, like a bowl or glass. 

2. Take a bigger vessel than the utensil in which you poured milk and add cold water. 

3. Keep the milk utensil in the vessel filled with cold water. 

4. After 5 to 10 minutes, check the milk’s temperature or use a thermometer to see if it has reached room temperature. 

5. Another way would be to take a huge empty vessel, transfer milk into it, and then pour it back into the original utensil. Repeat the process for 7-8 times or more. Ensure the vessel is not warm; cool it down by blowing air into it. 

Method 2:

1. Keep the milk under a high-speed fan or in a room with an air-conditioner.

2. If both options are unavailable, put a metallic spoon or ladle in the milk so the metal takes in the heat. 

Points To Remember

  • Do not keep milk in the cold vessel for too long; otherwise, the milk will become cold.
  • Check the water quantity; it should not exceed the milk’s quantity; otherwise, the milk will float and not stick to the bottom of the vessel. This may lead to the milk spilling out and mixing with the water. 
  • If you’re keeping the milk in an air-conditioned room, keep checking that it doesn’t turn cold. 
  • Instead of cold water, you can even use ice. 
  • Keep stirring the milk if the quantity is large. 

Ways To Bring Cold Milk To Room Temperature Quickly 

Here are some quick ways to bring chilled milk to room temperature: 

Method 1:

1. Pour the milk into a microwave-safe container and heat it high for 10-15 seconds.

2. Stir the milk and heat it for another 10-15 seconds. Repeat this process until the milk has reached room temperature. 

Points To Remember

  • Do not keep the milk in the microwave for too long, as it can warm it up. ‘
  • Do not keep it in a vessel made of metal when using the microwave. 

Method 2:

1. Place the milk container in a bowl of warm (not hot) water.

2. The warm water will gradually increase the temperature of the milk. Be sure to stir the milk occasionally for even warming.


In conclusion, there are several methods to quickly get milk to room temperature, including placing it in cold water, using a microwave, placing it under a fan, or transferring heat into another vessel. Remember to monitor the temperature of the milk to prevent it from boiling or cooling down. 


1. Why must we set milk to room temperature for certain recipes?

Doing this is necessary because it can help ensure that the ingredients in the recipe are properly combined, and the final product has the desired texture and consistency.

2. How long do things take to come to room temperature?

In both cases (hot and cold milk), bringing milk to room temperature can take 30 minutes to one hour. We recommend checking the temperature with a thermometer in between in both situations. 

3. How long can milk sit out?

Milk can sit out for 2-3 hours outside the fridge. Do not exceed it more than this time, as it can go sour. 

Once you’ve brought your milk to room temperature, it’s perfect for creating the best cheese for a bechamel sauce.

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