Are KIND Breakfast Bars Healthy?

Since their debut in 2004, KIND bars have rapidly gained popularity in the snack bar market. Promoted as a nutritious alternative to the traditional granola bars, the founder envisioned a snack that was both nourishing and palatable. But the pivotal question remains: How healthy are they?

Deciphering the Health Quotient of KIND Bars

The answer to whether KIND bars are healthy largely depends on one’s definition of ‘healthy’. While they boast ingredients like oats and nuts and are free from artificial sweeteners and dyes, they are, at the end of the day, snack bars. The sugars they contain, albeit from healthier sources, and certain high-fat varieties mean consumers need to make informed choices.

Rich in Fiber and Whole Grains

KIND bars are renowned for their whole grain content, making them an excellent source of fiber. Ingredients like oats, amaranth, buckwheat, millet, and quinoa are all fiber-rich whole grains. Notably, fiber offers a plethora of benefits:

  • Ensures digestive health.
  • Helps maintain cholesterol levels.
  • Stabilizes blood sugar levels.
  • Assists in weight management.

Protein: The Building Block

Protein plays a pivotal role in our diet. While it’s synonymous with muscle building, it’s essential for cellular structures and vital biochemical reactions in our body.

Concerns About Added Sugar

Despite the natural ingredients, many KIND bars variants contain added sugar. For instance, the Madagascar Vanilla Almond bar has just 2 grams, while the Dark Chocolate & Oats bar contains up to 9 grams. It’s crucial for buyers to be vigilant and check labels, especially when KIND offers reduced sugar variants in their range.

KIND Bars Nutritional Facts and Ingredients

Total Fat8g
Total Carbohydrate33g

Ingredients: Oats, tapioca syrup, brown rice flour, canola oil, and more. Notably, they contain almonds and might also have traces of tree nuts, peanuts, and soy.


In essence, while KIND bars offer several nutritional benefits, they should be consumed judiciously. Checking labels and understanding the sugar and fat content can ensure they fit into a balanced diet.


1. Can I eat KIND bars everyday?

While it’s technically possible to fit KIND bars into daily macro goals, it’s advisable to consume them in moderation. Some bars can account for a significant portion of daily carb and sugar intake.

2. Can diabetics eat kind bars?

Yes, especially the KIND Nuts and Spices Bars which have always been favored for being blood sugar friendly. Opting for nuts and spices flavors can ensure lower carbohydrates.

3. Do kind bars have caffeine?

Only specific varieties like the Dark Chocolate Mocha bars contain caffeine, roughly equivalent to an 8oz cup of decaf coffee. It’s advised that children steer clear of these bars.

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