Can you put the cardboard from a frozen pizza in the oven?

Frozen pizzas are uncooked ready-made pizzas assembled that are meant to be baked/cooked at per customer’s convenience. Most of these frozen pizzas come along with cardboard under them. There has been an ongoing debate about whether the cardboard from a frozen pizza can be put in the oven. In this article, we will discuss whether using such cardboard in the oven is safe.

Is it possible to put the cardboard from a frozen pizza in the oven?

Using cardboard from a frozen pizza in the oven is a straight no! Since frozen pizzas are baked at high temperatures, there are chances of many cardboard catching fire. Although the temperature at which cardboard catches fire is 427 degrees Fahrenheit and pizzas are baked at a lesser temperature, it is always advised to take safety measures. Cardboard, if it catches fire in the oven, can lead to fatal accidents in the kitchen.

There are various other reasons to avoid using cardboard in the oven. One reason is the material’s toxicity; cardboard is made from chemicals and primarily recycled paper, and such material can contaminate the food when put into the oven. Another reason is that it can change the taste of the pizza due to the chemicals and can often make it soggy.

The picture depicts two women using rack for baking pizza instead of cardboard.

Other materials to use in the oven instead of cardboard

1. Aluminium foil

Using aluminum foil is a great way to cook or reheat pizzas instead of cardboard. Wrapping slices of pizzas with aluminum foil releases moisture into the foil, reflecting the water to the surface. This process keeps the pizza warm and fresh for a couple of hours.

2. Cookie sheet

Since cookie sheets are specifically made for baking, these are an excellent option for heating pizzas in the oven. Spread some sheet in the oven tray and place the slices over it by sprinkling a few oil droplets; your pizza will come out nicely.

3. Pizza stone

A pizza stone is another great alternative to cardboard to cook pizzas evenly. Since pizza stones have pores in them, the heat spreads evenly throughout and makes them warm. Place the stone in the oven at 200 degrees Fahrenheit for about 40 minutes, making sure that the stone is super hot. Turn off the heat and place your pizza over the stone to heat the pizza. Check Amazon for some great options

4. Bake directly on the rack

Pizzas can be baked directly on the rack instead of using cardboard or aluminum. Baking directly on the rack ensures that the crust gets crispy and enhances the overall flavor of the pizza.


We hope this article busted all the myths about keeping cardboard in the oven. Avoid using cardboard in the oven to bake your pizzas and look for better alternatives.

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After understanding if you can put the cardboard from frozen pizza in the oven, it’s useful to know how to keep pizza warm in the oven without drying it out.

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