Can you send chocolate from Australia to the UK?

Sometimes it’s challenging to be available on every occasion, each year with your close ones. Also, it’s long-distance between Australia and the UK. Have you ever tried to send your favorite chocolates overseas to your family, friends, or loved ones? Now it’s possible.

Chocolates are one of the most loved and readily available gift items loved by everyone, irrespective of age or gender. A box of delicious and authentic customized ready-to-eat chocolate can make a great birthday or festive present (so that they know you’re thinking of them) and is also a touching gesture.

In general, Australian chocolate has a different flavor than chocolate produced elsewhere. In many cases, foreign chocolate is sweeter; for example, American-made Tim Tams are created using a different formula, so they don’t taste quite the same. Also, who won’t love to try different chocolates…!!!

This article will guide you to know how to send chocolate from Australia to the UK. Also, some essential tips to keep in mind while shipping them abroad.

What kind of chocolates or gift items are allowed to ship from Australia?

Any Australian chocolate, including Tim Tams, Wagon Wheels, chocolate from the grocery store, and even this adorable Koala chocolate gift tin, can be sent abroad.

The only types of chocolate we do not advise sending are those prepared by hand or those without airtight packaging, an apparent expiration date (allow six months), or a label identifying the contents.

(Customs regulations are to blame for this!).

Tips to remember while sending chocolates or gifts-

As each nation has its standards, regulations, and constraints, things can rapidly become confusing. Certain nations, including the UK, import taxes on sweets. For instance, if a gift of chocolate costs more than GBP36, it will be taxed in the UK depending on the product’s deemed sugar content.

We advise you to specify the amount and prominently label the item you give as a gift. It is a good beginning, even though there is no assurance that it will be free of taxes and charges.

Here are some tips below to ensure that your package has reached its destination intact-

  •  The gift is correctly packaged. 
  •  All necessary customs documentation is filled out before sending it abroad from Australia, just like any other shipment or gift.
  • We advise using bubble wrap, a safe box, or thick paper for the outside wrapping. 
  • The package must carry information on all ingredients in the chocolate.
  • The expiry date must be at least six months after the date of shipping.

As it’s essential to remember that shipments traveling overseas are handled quite a bit. 

Use a courier service like- DHL Express or FedEx. 

When we deliver a gift using a courier, customs will always act on your behalf and levy the appropriate taxes and charges. The drawback of utilizing a courier is that.
On the plus side, it will arrive significantly quicker and go through customs much more quickly than it would through Australia Post because the courier will typically assist you in getting the present through customs.

With DHL Express, it is comparatively less expensive than doing it yourself. The recipient of your thoughtful gift won’t ever have to worry about paying charges as they also take care of any taxes or customs owed at the other end.


Are there any taxes or duties on gift items or chocolates?

Deliver your package via -Australia Post
You might not have experienced any problems paying taxes on the gifts if you’ve sent gifts abroad in the past via Australia Post. Customs officials physically inspect only 2 to 8 per cent of packages in most countries, and those few packages are subsequently subjected to the correct taxes and duties that, in theory, should be applied to all packages.
If this occurs, the gift recipient must pay the relevant taxes and charges to accept it. You might have been among the 92 per cent to 98 per cent of packages that successfully passed inspection in the past.

Can you send chocolate in the post internationally?

You can surely send chocolate in the post to other country, but make sure that you check guidelines and custom regulations before posting.

Can I send a chocolate bar in the mail UK?

Yes, you can send a chocolate bar in the mail to the UK. Pack your chocolate in appropriate packaging before sending it.


In conclusion, sending chocolates from Australia to the UK is a thoughtful and heartfelt gesture to stay connected with loved ones, despite the distance. By following the necessary guidelines, packaging the gift carefully, and choosing a reputable courier service, you can ensure that your thoughtful gift arrives intact and brings joy to the recipient.

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