Are Brown Sugar Pop-Tarts Vegan?

Pop-Tarts, a term that’s become almost synonymous with toaster pastries, has etched itself into mainstream culture. Like how we often call tissues as Kleenex and plastic storage bags as Ziplok, Pop-Tarts have become the default term for those portable, sugary glazed hand pies. Tracing back to 1964, these treats were introduced by Bill Post for Kellogg. Aiming for a combination of wholesomeness and convenience, Pop-Tarts were envisioned as a shelf-stable alternative to toast and jam.

Are Brown Sugar Pop-Tarts Vegan?

The iconic icing on Pop-Tarts is the main culprit that keeps most of its varieties from being vegan-friendly. While the pastry and filling steer clear of dairy and eggs, the inclusion of gelatin in the icing makes it a no-go for vegans and vegetarians. However, the unfrosted versions, including the Brown Sugar Cinnamon, are free from animal-based ingredients, thus making them suitable for vegans.

Nutrition Ingredients of Brown Sugar Pop-Tarts

Enriched flour, sugar, soybean and palm oil, corn syrup, dextrose, high fructose corn syrup, bleached wheat flour, molasses, salt, leavening agents, cinnamon, wheat starch, gelatin, caramel color, soy lecithin.

The Non-Vegan Ingredients in Pop-Tarts

When exploring the ingredient list, the two primary non-vegan culprits in most Pop-Tarts are milk (often in the form of whey) and gelatin. It’s essential to note that every frosted flavor contains gelatin in its frosting, which restricts its vegan status. On the other hand, three unfrosted variants, including the Brown Sugar Cinnamon, pass the vegan test.

The Vegan Flavors of Pop-Tarts

The world of vegan Pop-Tarts flavors is limited but delicious. Unfrosted Strawberry is a childhood delight for many, with its fruitiness shining without the overpowering sweetness of its frosted counterpart. Unfrosted Blueberry is another delightful choice, while the crown goes to Unfrosted Brown Sugar Cinnamon. It’s reminiscent of the classic homemade toast smothered with butter, brown sugar, and a sprinkle of cinnamon – a comforting taste that many hold dear.


In the evolving landscape of food, where vegan options are continuously growing, it’s heartening to see some classics like Brown Sugar Pop-Tarts making the cut. So, the next time you’re hankering for a sweet, vegan treat, remember the nostalgic charm of an Unfrosted Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop-Tart!


1. Do brown sugar Pop-Tarts contain dairy?

A few types of Pop-Tarts do contain dairy. However, flavors like brown sugar cinnamon, both frosted and regular strawberry, wild berry, both frosted and regular blueberry, cherry, and apple strudel are all dairy-free.

2. Is brown sugar a dairy product?

Brown Sugar is dairy-free. It doesn’t contain milk, making it safe for those with a milk allergy. This fact has been reviewed and verified by Fig’s dietitian team. Always check other ingredients for dairy, especially when in doubt.

3. What is brown sugar made of?

Sugar beets and sugar cane are the primary sources for white granulated sugar. However, only molasses from sugar cane is used in brown sugar production. The molasses gives brown sugar its distinctive color – less for light brown and more for dark brown sugar.

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