Breyers Ice Cream Review: Variants, Ingredients, and more.

Breyers ice cream was established in the year 1866, during the American Civil War, by a man named William A. Breyer in Philadelphia. He used the finest ingredients in the ice cream, so the brand was established. Over the years, Breyers underwent major changes but continued its legacy of using the finest ingredients in its ice cream.

Breyers Ice Cream Review

In this article, we will be reviewing Breyers ice cream for all the foodies out there. Let’s hop on:


Classic Vanilla continues to be one of this ice cream brand’s most loved flavors. Breyers has many innovative flavors to choose from; safe to say they have something for everyone. They have everything from Frozen Peppermint Hot Chocolate, Banana Split to Layered Dessert S’mores.

To be more inclusive, Breyers introduced diet and health-friendly categories of ice creams:

  • Carb Conscious
  • Gluten-Free
  • Lactose-Free
  • Non- GMO
  • Reduced Calorie
  • Non-dairy
  • Non-sugar

Since many people are restricted to certain ingredients in their meals, introducing these categories was a wise decision by the brand. It surely helped them to gain more and more consumers.

Note: The price of Breyers ice cream varies, depending on the flavor, size, and store it is available at.

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You can order your favorite flavor of Breyers ice cream from their website, which directs you to nearby supermarkets like Walmart, Target, Kroger, and H-E-B. This way, Breyer works in collaboration with the major supermarkets of the area and delivers its ice cream to their customer’s doorsteps.

You can also walk into these supermarkets and pick up ice cream.

What makes them unique?

The Ingredient Pledge: Breyers has undertaken an ingredient pledge that states they use 100% Grade A milk and cream in their ice creams. The colors and flavors they add are naturally sourced, ensuring consumers a premium and wholesome experience.

Breyers works with the Rainforest Alliance to ensure that the Vanilla they use in their ice cream is 100% sustainably sourced.

Acknowledging efforts of farmers: Breyers acknowledges the efforts of the farmers who organically harvest Vanilla Beans and works towards their betterment.

Pros and Cons:

Breyers have various categories of ice cream variants to choose from.The texture of the ice cream is not up to the mark.
They claim to use the finest ingredients.The price of the ice cream varies from store to store.
Breyers, as a brand, works towards the betterment of society.

Our verdict:

In our opinion, although Breyers have tonnes of flavors and categories to choose from, it does not stand out. There are better options in the market that have a better texture and taste.


We hope this review helped fellow ice cream lovers know more about Breyers ice cream and decide whether their range is worth the money.

Stay tuned for more such reviews!

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