Is Bolthouse Farms Healthy?

Bolthouse Farms is a renowned company hailing from California, known for its fruit- and vegetable-based beverages, which include their much-loved smoothies. Many people resort to these smoothies as a handy way to intake their daily portions of fruits and vegetables. But the question that remains is: are these smoothies genuinely healthful?

Is Bolthouse Farms Actually Healthy?

Bolthouse Farms prides itself on specializing in health-centric beverages and foods, extending from juices to protein shakes, and even a line of plant-based milks. Generally speaking, their products radiate health vibes. However, a closer look reveals that some of them have added sugar.

But when assessing the health benefits of Bolthouse smoothies, they can undeniably fit snugly into a healthy lifestyle. They offer a plethora of smoothies, many of which are loaded with fruits, vegetables, or fortified with proteins and essential nutrients. Such drinks can bridge the gap for those missing out on their daily fruit and veg intake. But remember, as refreshing and nutrient-dense as they may be, the calories in these drinks can accumulate rapidly. Hence, opt for the least sugary ones or those pumped with proteins, and always be aware of their sugar content.

Note : Contrary to popular belief, Bolthouse Farms drinks aren’t sugar bombs. They do have sweeteners like cane sugar, honey, and agave syrup, but comparatively, their sugar profile is modest when juxtaposed with other market alternatives. Not to forget, they also roll out unsweetened juices, protein concoctions, and veggie juices devoid of any added sugars. Their transparency is commendable, as they list the sugar content for each product on their website, enabling informed choices.

How Much Sugar Is In A Bolthouse Smoothie?

The sugar levels in a Bolthouse smoothie swing based on the flavor you lock onto. Most hover between 18g and 28g of sugar per serving, with an average landing around the 25g mark. Since these smoothies harness the power of diverse fruits and vegetables like pineapple, spinach, apples, and bananas, they naturally harbor sugars. The sugar quotient can also oscillate based on the type and amount of added sweetener. To be on the safe side, always scrutinize the nutrition label on the bottles.

Nutrition Facts of Bolthouse Farms

Serving Size1 cup (230g)
Total Fat0.8g (1% DV)
Protein1.4g (3% DV)

The % Daily Value (DV) guides you on the nutrient contribution of a food serving to a daily diet. A daily diet typically centers around 2,000 calories.


In essence, Bolthouse Farms is not just another beverage company. They specialize in producing healthful beverages, predominantly smoothies, which are a mosaic of genuine fruits and veggies. Steering clear of artificial flavors or colors, their smoothies are not only low in calories and fat but are also sprinkled with an array of health boons.

  • Improved digestion
  • Elevated energy levels
  • Diminished stress levels
  • … and many more!


1. What is the healthiest Bolthouse Farms drink?

For those in pursuit of the pinnacle of health, Bolthouse Farms does not disappoint. Their blend of apple, mango, kiwi, and spinach not only tantalizes taste buds but is also a robust source of vitamins C and B12.

2. Is Bolthouse Farms organic?

They surely don’t skimp on quality! All their products, stripped of their peels, are bite-sized and easy to consume straight out of the bag. What’s more, they’re cultivated without any synthetic fertilizers or preservatives, ensuring that only pure, rich, sweet, organic flavor graces your palate.

3. Who owns Bolthouse?

  • Butterfly Equity
  • Campbell Soup Company
  • Madison Dearborn Partners

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